Video - Yamaha Zuma 50 Quick ride

Videa Kymco ZX 50 Yamaha Zuma 50 Quick ride

Yamaha Zuma 50 Quick ride

Just testing my camera mount. (Digicam taped to the front of my helmet haha) The video stopped right before I went down the big hill in the end :( List of mods: Dual Headlights, Throttle Mod, C3 Mirrors, Triple Brake Light, Fixed Rear, Handle Bar Clock, Leo Vince ZX, Snorkel removed, Throttle Grips, Exhaust Glob removed, Team Calamari Airbox Mods, 105 main jet needle clip in middle, "Graphic Language" wheel stripes.

motorcycle, moped, scooter, 50cc, Zuma, yamaha, helmet cam, wenatchee, muffinflesh



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