Video - Yamaha TDR 125 CC Piston replacement with a NEW one

Videa Kymco Straight Yamaha TDR 125 CC Piston replacement with a NEW one

Yamaha TDR 125 CC Piston replacement with a NEW one

For burning a piston like mine you have two (2)main reasons: numero uno -if U use a wrong Spark Plug, actually many TDR users use NGK BR 8 ES spark plug. Why they do that I don't really know but in the technical description of this type of bike,the MANUAL is written NGK BR 9 ES. The man from Yamaha World Budapest told me the same. Numero duo: the dickhead driver of this two wheel machine(its me for those wondering)was using a s..t kinda 2 sTroke (MINERAL) oil in stead of fully synthetic one. Which cosed that the oil pump for automatic oil dosage gives 2 percent for the petrol mix, which is the percentage for synthetic oil NOT for mineral one. Means that the engine got all the time less amount of oil than needed.That cosed high temperature which was higher than the spark plug menaged and the plug burned completely and made extreem big sparks on the piston which burned the middle part out in allredy extreem heat cos of lak of oil lubrication on the piston sides. YES YOU CAN use mineral oil too only in one manner, YOU MIX the mineral oil straight to the petrol reservoir 4 % means 4dl on 10 l petrol. When we change the piston in the engine we need to ad the proper two stroke oil in the reservoir for the oil, AND EXTRA 2 percent in the petrol straight. Till the rings are adjusted to the cylinder -Aprox 500-1000 km time, do it in city,NOT LONG runs, less than 6000 rpm and 80km/h. In case the ring on the piston get broken, and makes damage on the surface of the cylinder you have ...

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