Video - XV250 3dm CDI (DOA) Lixianda Xianpai

Videa Kymco Straight XV250 3dm CDI (DOA) Lixianda Xianpai

XV250 3dm CDI (DOA) Lixianda Xianpai

Lixianda CDI came broken (DOA) from China straight from the company aka xianpai. XV250 3dm. This shady company sent me this POS cdi box that looked used and had scratches. I don't even think there were internals (it weighed much less than the stock unit (Sanxin) but boasted a more powerful coil/ with no rpm limit. Liars! They will sell you an empty CDI box! on alibaba

Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, No. 8 coal Room 414, xianpai, alibaba



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