Video - Windows: VISA 110 Final Project

Videa Kymco Straight Windows: VISA 110 Final Project

Windows: VISA 110 Final Project

"Create either a video (straight, looped or back and forth loop) that explore how images work to reveal reality, mask reality and/or have nothing to do with reality. In this way, suggest they may also be a means of representing the connection between physical space and augmented technologized space. In the vein of the Situationists, map part of your everyday space, in ways that rethink the linearity and logic of how you know it, to reveal new interesting perspectives. These sequences of images (either still or moving) should represent and abstract a space that you consider an augmented space, to explore how our society is informed by the spectacle." Daily life, from morning until night, is shaped and punctuated by internet and computer technology. Compiled of 630 photographs arranged in 0.1-second stop-motion film, this piece unlocks the importance of technology to student life, from accessibility to information such as the weather and educational websites, social networking through email and Facebook, entertainment through music and YouTube, and route planning provided through Google. The evolving objects surrounding the computer represent the routine and daily activities of an average student. She wakes up in the morning and prepares for the coming day by drinking coffee, using common hygiene products, finishing homework, and packing her books before classes and returns to a darkened room to prepare for evening activities, all punctuated with an iTunes visualizer. This ...



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