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Videa Kymco Top Boy Unboxing - Brookstone Jimi Clock

Unboxing - Brookstone Jimi Clock

Rarely does a member of the It's Unboxed team visit a shopping center without at least a cursory stop by the Brookstone. Sure these gadgets are usually either impracticle for our meager existence, or simply too expensive, but boy does that store have some interesting stuff. And ever since the Sharper Image's demise, Brookstone is about all that's left in the category of odds, ends and strange yet wonderful electronic curio. And every now and then, we actually find something we've simply got to unbox. Case in point, the Jimi clock. No, not the Jimi X wallet we unboxed last month, but something entirely different. This clock is on a round weighted base and lights up any time you rock it. We like things that rock. Here's a look inside the box. More videos at Unbox Everything!

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