Video - Turbo Kit KYMCO Agility 125 Performance Race Muffler

Videa Kymco Agility Turbo Kit KYMCO Agility 125 Performance Race Muffler

Turbo Kit KYMCO Agility 125 Performance Race Muffler

Upgrade to the ultimate speed with the TK AGILITY 125 / 150 / 180 Exhaust Kit by TK Spain. Race Exhaust for the Kymco Agility 125cc 150cc Kymco Movie XL 150 TKC-M4T55-N. Hands down this is the best high performance racing exhaust for the Kymco Agility works with the big bore kit all the way to the 180cc Agility upgrades, used with a trans CVT upgrade your Kymco will be perfectly tune. Use as a stand alone upgrade, remove the restricted stock exhaust and upgrade to this Kymco race muffler and you will see the difference in acceleration and top end speed. M4T55-N T55-N OEM-Nr.: M4T055-N EAN/UPC: 4250362496386 KYMCO AGILITY 125 RACE EXHAUST If you want want to improve the overall speed and acceleration of your Agility 125 by Kymco then this is the choice for the serious rider! KYMCO AGILITY 125 Better Performance Stock muffler is heavily restricted More top end and acceleration MADE IN SPAIN MRP has the largest selection of China 150cc scooter parts in North America. FOR ALL QMB 139 CHINA 50cc PARTS VISIT US. MRP sells Performance engine parts and scooter tuning accessories from Stage6, SSP, Motoforce, STR8, Malossi, Polini, Hebo, Naraku, Top Performances, Arreche and others. Racing cylinder kits, exhaust systems, clutches, variators, carburetors, drive belts optic tuning accessories and more. Site Blog Facebook: OEM PDF Manuals ...



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