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The difference between solid brands and fly by night guys

Kevin at CF-Moto gave us this great analogy of the difference between the fly by night guys and the main brands. CF MOTO stands out as one of the few Asian OEMs that actually owns a factory, gives warranty and covers labor. The funny thing is many small dealers don't care they go for the $500 scooter brand because they just want short run profits, one thing I constantly remind dealers is your store has to stick to brands that will survive the good times and the bad, thats why we like companies like the one Kevins works with. I've mentioned this a couple of times, but Dealers that sell cheap end up with problems in the US. There are lemon laws and in most states scooters over 50cc meaning anything in the 125cc and above are considered motorcycles and qualify for vehicle lemon law protections so dealers that sold United Motors, Tank, Roketa, SUNL companies that either closed or didnt pay warranty can get easily sued out of business. Thats why we suggest staying with legitimate brands that pay warranty, have parts, and are OEM meaning own real factories not just private labels like SUNL or TANK who slap their name on stuff. There is a Honda, Kymco, CF MOTO factory and thats something that stands out when a dealer needs parts or warranty. THE ONLY DISTRIBUTOR IN THE USA WITH CFMOTO OEM, LINHAI OEM, BENELLI - ANDRETTI OEM QJ, PLUS THE RACING VERSIONS IS MRP Only by selling the OEM can you sell racing that really works, because we know what the originals are because we have ...

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