Video - SPEED RUN = Zero to 60MPH / 95 Kilometers an Hour

Videa Kymco Straight SPEED RUN = Zero to 60MPH / 95 Kilometers an Hour

SPEED RUN = Zero to 60MPH / 95 Kilometers an Hour

This is my favorite test track long street straight away where I go from a dead stop to 60mph. New motor will not be pushed past this , until break in. Red needle on speedo, in straight up position, is 80 kilometers per hour. Motor is at three quarter throttle with lots more to put the hammer down. Motor is running well. Center clutch spring is slightly weakening, which is normal. Engine temp at speed is 190 degrees, water temp is 180 degrees. Remember I weigh 205 pounds. New water cooled engine is working flawless so far. Fuel is 50% supreme, 50% 110 octane green aviation gas, at 32:1 Belray Oil. I will put on new Pirelli tires, bigger brakes in front wheel and racing 28mm Mikuni carb with finer response. The journey continues...

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