Video - Problems TGB CVT systems UM Hyosung Italjet Franco vs JOG

Videa Kymco Spacer Problems TGB CVT systems UM Hyosung Italjet Franco vs JOG

Problems TGB CVT systems UM Hyosung Italjet Franco vs JOG

A very common issue found when upgrading TGB Taiwan Golden Been Scooters currently represented as of 2009 2010 by Peirspeed is that the newer versions of the 50cc key west and other models do not use the same CVT systems as the older TGB units imported by Rocca Miami, Motorsports USA, KPI and other importers prior to 2005 DO NOT DESPAIR if you ordered the wrong system there are only two very simple either you need the N-MP-03537 107mm Prima Hyosung styled Franco Morini Clutch to fit in the bigger clutch bell or you need the N-MP-05288-1 JOG Yamaha Air cooled clutch. This is because of the clutch bell inside the Franco Morini Hyosung United Motors and TGB scooters sometimes change and use a JOG based system. So its either the JOG or the Franco Morini. A good dealer will know the difference if they don't and they ordered the wrong one, just swap it for the other one. No worries we stock both http If you run into this problem no worries. Some old models also use the 15 X 12 rollers all the new models use the Franco Morini TGB Variator and the 17 X 12 rollers / sliders available from MRP at N-MP-03530 is the correct variator for Franco Morini - Hyosung model engines. PLEASE CHECK THE ENGINE BEFORE ORDERING PARTS Also TGB is different from other OEM Taiwan brands like Eton CPI SYM KYMCO PGO ( genuine in USA ) Hartford these engines tend to follow the Honda DIO or Yamaha JOG base for design and make their own changes in the 50cc range. The ...

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