Video - Kymco Super 9: GAS Scooter Stereosystem [HD]

Videa Kymco Super 9 Kymco Super 9: GAS Scooter Stereosystem [HD]

Kymco Super 9: GAS Scooter Stereosystem [HD]

My Kymco Super 9 L/C 2008 with 2 GAS 6x9" and GAS Amplifier. I just completed the project of building a stereosystem on my scooter. I used 2 GAS 6x9" speakers [Max 240W] combined with a GAS ALPHA Amplifier on 400W maximum driven by a iPod Touch. The speakers barely fitted, there was not much space left hehe. The project turned out great and the sound quality is really good. Neonlights and strobelights are coming soon. Thanks to Mattias Eggers for all the help! If you got any questions please comment or message me! Please give me feedback, :) LIKE/COMMENT/SUBSCRIBE! greatamericansound

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