Video - KYMCO SUPER 8 50 2T RED 49cc Scooter

Videa Kymco Super 8 KYMCO SUPER 8 50 2T RED 49cc Scooter

KYMCO SUPER 8 50 2T RED 49cc Scooter

Building on the popularity and success of the Super 8 Sport styled series scooter, KYMCO brings you the Super 8 50 2T. From its introduction into the US market, the Super 8's overall performance, attention grabbing graphics and aggressive sport bike attitude have made it both IndyCar and NHRA Race Team's pit scooter of choice. The new 2-stroke, oil injected, EPA compliant engine coupled with KYMCO's flawless CVT automatic transmission add up to unbelievable performance, fuel economy and the best value in a 50cc scooter available today! Available in three bold race color combinations of Red/White, Blue/White and Black/Silver. Are you race ready? Video Courtesy of Kelly Hicks RV Sales. Call Kelly @ 815-849-9089 to order yours today!



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