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Kymco- "Downtown" 300i

"The Downtown 300i was designed and built for it! With the open road performance of a maxi scooter and sport bike agility, the Downtown 300i delivers the ultimate scooter riding experience. This new entry in the KYMCO Scooter family is powered by an all new 4-valve Electronic Fuel Injected engine coupled to an agile, responsive, light weight dual cradle steel chassis. The onboard carrying capacity of the Downtown 300i offers all the space you need. A lighted, under seat storage space is big enough for two helmets and a watertight console compartment for cell phone storage, equipped with a 12V accessory outlet for charging your phone, is right at your fingertips, satisfying all your daily commuting needs. Add an optional top case and your daily commuter ride turns into a weekend touring machine. The Downtown 300i: class leading performance and styling plus great fuel economy too! Choose from three elegant color options: Pearl White, Silver or Burnt Orange. Get Ready to Be Amazed!" For more information on Kymco products, contact Village Motorsports Grand Rapids: (616) 432-6262 Holland: (616) 399-5000

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