Video - kymco agility 50 reaching 1000KM

Videa Kymco Agility kymco agility 50 reaching 1000KM

kymco agility 50 reaching 1000KM

Reaching the 1000KM on my Kymco Agility 50. I have just over a month. Modifications done on this scooter are: Installed a Smooth Boss. That derestricts your Variomatic. The maximum speed is 60km/h @gps=57~58 This video has been record without sound.

Reaching, the, 1000KM, on, my, Kymco, Agility, 50., have, just, over, month., Modifications, done, this, scooter, are:, Installed, Smooth, Boss., That, derestricts, your, Variomatic., video, has, been, record, without, sound., yamaha, suzuki, honda, motor



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