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KYMCO 250cc Variator by TK

TK VARIATORS FROM SPAIN! KYMCO 250cc SET UP Todays video is on the TK Variator weve been raving about this and what a lot of people dont know is that it works on the Daelim 250cc, PGO 250cc Go Karts with the Kymco engines, the Kymco 250cc series and more. Variators by Turbo Kit Spain The best racing variators available with circular capsule rollers made of carbon and nylon they slide in / out new variator in order to increase and improve the performance of your maxi-scooter. You'll achieve better acceleration, greater gas mileage, less vibration and no roller clanking. Upgrade your stock scooter for a smoother ride Comes complete with weights. for more information. KYMCO 250 Bet and Win Dink Xciting 250 PARA KYMCO 250cc BET AND WIN 250 The best selling Kymco 250cc Exhaust from MRP Works on the Grand Vista 250, Grand Dink 250cc, Bet and Win 250cc, Xciting 250cc, Made in Spain by TK Exhaust with over forty years experience in the racing sector these are some of the best hand made exhausts in the world. European quality at extremely competitive pricing distributed by MRP in North America. There is no other exhaust on the market hands down that works as great as this TK Exhaust in America. Weve tested it and we love the 3rd generator stealth flat black exhaust form TK is simply the best we have tested. Make sure to visit the site to see dyno charts and why these exhausts kick ass. www ...

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