Video - J Costa Evo 2 Racing Variator for YAMAHA T-MAX [TESTING]

Videa Kymco Sooner 100 J Costa Evo 2 Racing Variator for YAMAHA T-MAX [TESTING]

J Costa Evo 2 Racing Variator for YAMAHA T-MAX [TESTING]

Today we test the J Costa Evo 2 Racing Variator. Stock 0-60 for T-max: 9 Sec With Jcosta Evo II Racing Variator: 6:20 Shaving almost 3 secs off! Man, this thing is AMASING Please see these videos for further details: ALSO, A small write up from ADV Riders: A few important things should be noted here, as you already knew, the spedo hangs from 25mph until somewhere around 40 or so, really weird, it is hard to get my head around this, any explanations? Also, If you are just starting to modify your T-Max, I HIGHLY recommend this Variator, it is SICK! I am serious I still need to do more tests and MPG studies, but for all intents and purposes, this lil Add-on really makes your T-Max come alive. Essentially, the pulley engages quicker, about 1k sooner thus causing peak torq and HP right at the launch, similar to a torque converter on your Auto Trans for your Cages. This means your machine will be running at a higher RPM at all speeds before the high gear, or top end. More details shall follow after more testing and understanding of this amasing mod! -m

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