Video - DUEL CARBS Honda 50 Dio Race Engine

Videa Kymco Straight DUEL CARBS Honda 50 Dio Race Engine

DUEL CARBS Honda 50 Dio Race Engine

A 28mm feeding a 30mm creating an ENORMOUS VELOCITY EFFECT at pinnacle of peak power. Looks can be deceiving to the naked eye. By cooling the fuel in the first carb to a classified level and positively and negatively charging both fuel lines separately, Ionization of the fuel charge takes on a weird effect. Remember , Physical Laws do not apply at the Molecular level. Combining my fuel Theory with a few other air/fuel tricks which I will not discuss= I have achieved amazing results. This is an experiment so far with synchronized throttle slides and blue-printed and balanced cylinder specs. The carbon reed valve is variably controlled manually, to optimize maximum intake and flow control.The reed cage has been radically redesigned to make the boyesen reeds emulate the function of timed valves. With this in place, an over-pressure condition can be created in the intake system, thus making True Supercharging possible. I have found a way to retard the ignition timing, under supercharged condition to minimize the effects of detonation.The vacuum guage will be installed to monitor overpressure and a K and N fuel/air meter with oxygen sensor built into phongeer exhaust, will monitor the best fuel-air ratio I can possibly attain. A Daytona electronic tachometer will help me fine tune the Boost Effect, then I will install on-demand Alcohol/Water injection using MCmaster-Carr brass misting nozzles at 1.5 gallons per hour. Water injection has been known to cool the intake incoming ...

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