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DigInfo - ( Kymco, a Taiwanese producer of scooters, motorcycles, ATVs, and a variety of other motor technology, displayed their new Dink 200i which has a stylish design along with storage space and a new injection engine. The new Dink 200i has a liquid cooled 4 stroke injection engine unlike previous designs but has the same easy to read digital speedometer as earlier Dink models. Kymco's design provides plenty of storage space under the seat which can be easily opened with Kymco's 4 mode key. The 4 mode key unlocks the seat and opens the gas tank simply from the ignition. For the comfort of the passenger an easy pop-out foot rest comes standard. The Dink 200i went on sale on March 20th of this year and these custom designs can be found through specific dealer's websites.

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