Video - 1984 Honda CM450 Automatic

Videa Kymco Straight 1984 Honda CM450 Automatic

1984 Honda CM450 Automatic

This is the first video Of a bike my father gave me. It has been in storage for ten years and not licensed for the street for 17 years. I will slowly bring it to life and video the transformation. I am having a big problem trying to get pressure up on the front disc brakes. I rebuilt the master cylinder, cleaned the intake and air bubble vent hoses , and now I will pop the caliper pistons, install new O-rings and dust boots. THen I will try and bleed it again. If anyone has any advice on how to bleed motorcycle brakes the right way= Please let me know. I used to work in a brake shop and these calipers dont bleed like car brakes. I am very puzzled but will not take it to the Honda shop and Hand them The Vaseline with my money. I believe the bike only needs a new battery, carb cleaning rebuild, new tires as they came with the bike new and a MIRACLE to FIX THE DAMN BRAKES! Thanks you tube. Randy H

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