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Reed Valve Adustment in Reed Cage

Reed valve adjustment tips for any two stroke motorcycle. Fine tuning the reed i...

2 minut : 45 sekund
simson vs. kymco - Escursione

Ja i Lechu

7 minut : 39 sekund
easy, fast, cheap CVT Variator removal - no special tools

Variator nut removal will crank your engine here is an easy and cheap way to sto...

2 minut : 56 sekund
Montage Kymco Rimcover (Rimcovers)

Een korte instructievideo voor iedereen die de Kymco Rimcover op professionele w...

2 minut : 37 sekund
Scooter CVT Transmission : Full Service Inspection

This video shows how to disassemble, inspect, and reassemble the CVT transmissio...

29 minut : 12 sekund
Variator Polini - Super Speed 9R

variator kit Polini Super Speed 9R - Minarelli Item Nr.: P.13557 EAN-Code: 42503...

29 sekund
How To Change Your Roller Weights - Full HD

The correct way to change roller weights in High detail. Works on any CVT driven...

6 minut : 46 sekund
Kimco SPACER Street Racing

speed race in sumperk on motorbike

3 minut : 38 sekund

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